Arts & Poetry

Work on Westpark Nature Reserve commenced in 2001. At this point in time, in the wake of the Garden Festival in Gateshead, public art in the North East had taken off. Inspired by developments like the Angel of the North in Gateshead and David Mach's Brick Train in Darlington, developers Bussey & Armstrong were keen to use public art within Westpark. This was in line with their vision, grounded in Darlington’s Quaker heritage, of providing a high-quality living environment to the people of Darlington.

Over the last fifteen years, Bussey & Armstrong have worked with lead artist and poet W.N. Herbert on developing the art strategy for the park. This strategy took its inspiration from three species of animal that have made Westpark their home: the water vole, the dingy skipper butterfly and the little ringed plover. The various sculptures created by artists around the park are based on these animals in some way or another.

All sculptures are made from locally-sourced material, including Corten steel and stone from Teesside-based quarries. They are an organic part of the environment, both in their narrative and appearance.

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