Nature Reserve

How do you create a new nature reserve, but still make it look as if it's been there forever?

Westpark is part of an extensive project. Over 30 acres of woodland, wildflower meadows and wetlands were planted, which are now enjoyed by people and wildlife alike.


There are approximately 46,000 trees in Westpark - almost one for each home in Darlington! All are individually planted with care to create a feeling of natural woodland, but designed around winding paths and features.


The local residents aren't just people... Westpark is now the adopted home to a large (and growing) number of birds, butterflies, bats, frogs, and many other animals and insects.

Try counting the number of types of butterfly. One of them is the rare Dingy Skipper. Many British birds live in the park, including the occasional kingfisher at the pond, and birds of prey stopping over. Past events have included night-time bat walks, which is a great way to see just how many of them can be found here.